Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Volume 42
Number 6
Ju-Ze Lin, M.D., Yong-Xin Lin, M.M., Chang-Jun Wang, M.D., Le Su, M.M., Qiao Su, M.M., Xu-Hui Huang, M.M., Wei Tan, M.D., and Li-Zhu Lin, M.D.
Guangzhou, China

Arzum Güler Dogru, Ph.D., Ömer Toprak, Ph.D., Devrim Deniz Üner, Ph.D., Bozan Serhat Izol, Ph.D., Ibrahim Kaplan, Ph.D., Mehmet Dogru, Ph.D., and Fikret Ipek, Ph.D.
Diyarbakır, Sanlıurfa, and Bingöl, Turkey

Nilgün Sögütçü, M.D., Sahin Laçin, M.D., and Abdurrahman Çetin, M.D.
Diyarbakır and Istanbul, Turkey

Nurullah Peker, M.D., Ugur Deger, M.D., and Fırat Asır, Ph.D.
Diyarbakır, Turkey





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